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18 Jan

Hey Everyone. OMGAyush here. I find that I have been getting visits in this blog also. This is unusual but I am here just to notify you that we have a newer, better and awesomer website which is http://www.CricketPatches.com . It provides you:-

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So, why not visit this #1 Cricket Gaming website?

Here are some of the patches we have made till now:-

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23 Jun


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EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch For 2007: Download

22 Jun

Note: The passwords will NOT work. To get the passwords (for free) go to www.cricketpatches.blogspot.com :) We have moved there!

No Fake Links!
No Surveys, No Advertisement Popouts! Free Downloads only At Cricket Patches :D

Hey there, there’s recently a new patch released by me. It’s the EA Sports Cricket 2012 patch for 2007. It is really amazing with tons of features… here are the list of features it includes:


  • Biggest patch ever with 3000+ files!
  • LATEST kits and clothes for ALL the teams (includes Big Bash League + Indian Premier League 2012!)
  • All team logos added (HD)
  • All stadiums modified (India has Mumbai and Chennai, Pakistan has Abu Dhabi and misc. – Chittagong!)
  • All new roster with International,Australian Domestic,English County,IPL,BPL… etc!
  • All HD Pitchads, menu overlays (different at each stadium!) , All stumps, All outfields modified!
  • All new faces added!
  • Boundary music + updated text!
  • 256 HD BATS For the players who own the bat!
  • A Great timepass with good shots modified using OMGAyush Cric12


It’s exciting, isn’t it? The roster includes ALL the latest team ( arranged as by may 2012 ) so it’s MORE realistic than what you can think of! Anyways, you might wonder how to download? .. I have a tutorial on “How to Install EA Sports Cricket 2012 for Windows XP/Vista/7″:

[Video Coming Soon]

This tutorial will definitely help you how to install the patch: Here’s the text I had on notepad in the Video:

[Text Coming Soon]

Hopefully, now you’ll get how to install. But.. before installation, if you just want to see the gameplay (which will actually want your heart to get the game MORE anxiously!) … here’s it:

[Video Coming Soon]


  • ZAX-256 Bat Pack
  • Obviously, the patch
  • Cricket.ros roster file
  • Abbh’s modified cricket 07.exe
  • Boundary Music Patch (optional)


Well.. that’s it… haha, please leave a comment and let me know about what do you think about this patch. Keep visiting for more patches, the one and only source of yours – OMGAyush Productions!


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