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18 Jan

Hey Everyone. OMGAyush here. I find that I have been getting visits in this blog also. This is unusual but I am here just to notify you that we have a newer, better and awesomer website which is www.CricketCastle.com . It provides you:-

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So, why not visit this #1 Cricket Gaming website?



EA Sports Cricket 2012 Patch For 2007: Download

22 Jun

Note: The passwords will NOT work. To get the passwords (for free) go to www.cricketpatches.blogspot.com 🙂 We have moved there!

No Fake Links!
No Surveys, No Advertisement Popouts! Free Downloads only At Cricket Patches 😀

Hey there, there’s recently a new patch released by me. It’s the EA Sports Cricket 2012 patch for 2007. It is really amazing with tons of features… here are the list of features it includes:


  • Biggest patch ever with 3000+ files!
  • LATEST kits and clothes for ALL the teams (includes Big Bash League + Indian Premier League 2012!)
  • All team logos added (HD)
  • All stadiums modified (India has Mumbai and Chennai, Pakistan has Abu Dhabi and misc. – Chittagong!)
  • All new roster with International,Australian Domestic,English County,IPL,BPL… etc!
  • All HD Pitchads, menu overlays (different at each stadium!) , All stumps, All outfields modified!
  • All new faces added!
  • Boundary music + updated text!
  • 256 HD BATS For the players who own the bat!
  • A Great timepass with good shots modified using OMGAyush Cric12


It’s exciting, isn’t it? The roster includes ALL the latest team ( arranged as by may 2012 ) so it’s MORE realistic than what you can think of! Anyways, you might wonder how to download? .. I have a tutorial on “How to Install EA Sports Cricket 2012 for Windows XP/Vista/7”:

[Video Coming Soon]

This tutorial will definitely help you how to install the patch: Here’s the text I had on notepad in the Video:

[Text Coming Soon]

Hopefully, now you’ll get how to install. But.. before installation, if you just want to see the gameplay (which will actually want your heart to get the game MORE anxiously!) … here’s it:

[Video Coming Soon]


  • ZAX-256 Bat Pack
  • Obviously, the patch
  • Cricket.ros roster file
  • Abbh’s modified cricket 07.exe
  • Boundary Music Patch (optional)


Well.. that’s it… haha, please leave a comment and let me know about what do you think about this patch. Keep visiting for more patches, the one and only source of yours – OMGAyush Productions!

DLF IPL 5 2012 Kits : Download

22 Jun

Hey There

Recently the great patchman Zaxotes has released DLF IPL 5 2012 HD Kits for EA Sports Cricket 2007! Now guess what? You can experience better gameplay! You’d surely love this! Here’s what Zaxotes made the thread in PlanetCricket:

The much awaited ‘Zax-Version’ of IPL 2011 High-Detail Kibags is finally here…
Enjoy the KitPack with 10 Authentic Kibags of IPL 2011 Teams

Please read everything that follows before downloading. By downloading the files, you agree to the License below.

Salient Features:

  • Includes Accurate KitBags of all 10 Participating Franchises.
  • All Kits are given maximum detailing to make them look most realistic.
  • Headgear, and Helmets included are authentic and detailed.
  • 7 Teams come with the latest Puma Shoes (Generic) and 3 have Generic Adidas Shoes.
  • Wicket Keeping accessories are authentic and the player personalized for all Teams.
  • Commonly used Batting accessories are included and are they are common for the whole team.

Please Note That:

  • The files are of high-res, hence the size is a bit more for these kits.
  • Before editing my kits for yourself, please tell to yourself that “Ripping/Plagiarism is a crime”, then enjoy it. But if you are going to release it for the public, then add a few more words to your say; “Ripping/Plagiarism is a crime, and I am committing it. I am ready to get banned from the forum!”
  • Usage of my kits to any Compilations or Patches is RESTRICTED as long as its PERMITTED by me. To get a permission, just VM me.
  • This is the Initial Release of the bundled ‘KitPack’ compatible with Biggy’s IPL-4 Rosters. Later releases may include BONUS STUFF!

Previews: Click the Image for Enlarged Version
In-Game Previews with Next Release.
(Note that The Green RCB Kit, The First KTK Kit and The Umpire Kits are NOT included with the KitPack)

Installation Instructions:
Extract/Unrar all files to your Cricket 07 Root Directory and enjoy IPL 2011 in HD on your PC!

These Kitbags are Compatible with Biggy’s Roster. So Download his Latest Version of IPL-4 Roster fist and then enjoy these Kitbags!


Unlock the File using Password : iplmania


© of Zaxotes Work and PlanetCricket. I no way belong to own his material. According to Zaxotes’s creative commons license, I’m allowed to use and share. So, I just shared.